Project 34 – News

There is a rumour that the Tyrrell P34 might be included in the 1977 mod currently in development by the SBDT team.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check out the full 1977 Mod post on the Simbin Forum, These guys are the best motor sport mod’ers on the PC Racing scene, if you like GT racing then I can fully recommend their recently launched GT Racing 2002 mod which is by far the best GT Car simulation available on the PC.

The Picture on the right is an early shot of the P34 3D Model which Perran tells me is only 30% complete – (Click on the Picture to link directly to Perran’s post) The possibility that we might be able to drive this great piece of F1 history against the likes of the Ferrari 312 and Lotus 78 is truly wonderful, hopefully it wont suffer the problems with the front tyres that the original did 🙂 Jay