Project 34 – News

Hi everyone, just a small update today,

I’ve just got back from Le-Mans 2003 which was great, while I was there I took a stroll around Alex Reade’s always impressive stand and came across this painting by Nicholas Watts, which depicts Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler taking the memorable 1st & 2nd place at the Swedish Grand Prix in 1976. Naturally I couldn’t resist so I had to buy it, as a bonus it’s been signed by Derek Gardner, Jody and the artist, I even got photographs of Derek & Jody signing the print which is limited to 500.

If anyone is interested in this painting you can buy it on-line at Alex Reade’s web site, just click on the picture to link straight to his site, I’ll warn you though, there is some seriously great motorsport art available and given the money I could spend a fortune (If you do go to Alex’s site and find something interesting, please mention my name & web site, I’m trying to build up some good links for a new P34 project I’m working on)