Project 34 – News

Hi Everybody,

Those of you who have visited before will know that its been a very very long time since the site was updated. I’d love to keep updating the site on a regular basis but other commitments have unfortunately got in the way. Running my own media company in my spare time and working for a Historic Sports Car team means that there is very little time left to devote to Project 34. I will do my best to try and keep some sort of updates going this year. As for the Movie Project I’m afraid that its stalled big time, at least for the immediate future. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons the colleges who were assisting me in the project were unable to devote enough time to really get the project off the ground. Its not dead … just waiting for the right moment.


Over that last six months the site and myself have been assisting the amazingly talented Tony Cairoli to produce a Technical Drawing of our favourite six wheeled wonder. The end result is simply amazing, something that anyone who is a fan of the car would be proud to own.

The Drawing measures approx 640 x 520 mm and is printed on the highest quality pure white card. I was lucky enough to receive one of the first production prints from Tony which now hangs proudly on my lounge wall and looks fantastic.

The print should be available soon, we’ll post again soon and tell you how you can get one for yourself, In the meantime check out the photos ( which really don’t do the print Justice )

Cheers – Jay