1978 Season Videos

All of the following clips were digitised by ourselves form a French 1978 season review documentary shown on Motors TV several years ago. Whilst there is no footage on-board the P34, there is some fantastic on-board footage around some of the great, classic 1970's circuits, mostly filmed on-board the Tyrrell 008 driven by great Project 34 driver Patrick Depallier.

I apologise for the relatively poor quality of these videos. We captured the clips from a satellite feed in 2002 using a analogue capture system. They were then edited and converted to DivX which at the time was the best codec to use but by modern standards they are low resolution. But still very watchable and give a great insight into what it was like to drive these great circuits that have now been altered beyond all recognition.



Brands Hatch

Written by Jay Walker. Posted in Our 1978 Season Videos

On-board the Tyrrell 008 again and a guest drive by Jackie Stuart who manages to give a running commentary while driving around Brands Hatch in the UK.