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Update - Driver Profiles

Written by Jay Walker on 16 March 2003. Posted in P34 News

DepaillerI finally got the Driver Profiles started, and who else better to start with than Patrick Depailler, the master of the Six Wheel monster. A special mention goes to my friend Mik who spent a lot of time researching the P34 drivers and putting the info together for me.

The Profiles on Jody Scheckter and Ronnie Petterson will follow soon ( I Promise), I should also have another video clip ready sometime this week.

Talking of video clips, I've been looking at the quality of them, while they are quite good, I can get them better but at the cost of a bigger download, I'd like to know what people think on that, do you want more quality or less ?, please use the forum for feed-back on this. I've got a secret project in development (Very P34 related) and I need your feed back on this subject.

Bye for Now - Jay