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A Second Reborn P34 !

Written by Jay Walker on Sunday, 23 February 2003 00:00. Posted in P34 News

2ndP34Details are still a little vague at the moment but it appears that another P34 has been restored and is to contest the 2003 FiA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship, the car is owned by Piero Ratti and will be raced this year by Mauro Pane. Unfortunately I'm not certain that we will see two P34's on the TPG grid this year as I have heard that Martin Stretton will not be contesting Simons Bull's P34 this year ( If any one can confirm this please let me know).

You can be sure that I'll be following this story closely and will post updates and pictures as soon as I can.

Cheers - Jay


1976 Season Clips On-Line

Written by Jay Walker on Saturday, 22 February 2003 00:00. Posted in P34 News

p34cameracarFirstly I'd like to thank everyone for visiting the site, over 6000 hits in a little over three months is amazing, I had no idea that this site was going to be so popular, it seems there are a lot more P34 Fans out there than I first thought.

Secondly I'm pleased to announce that I've got three new on-board P34 clips up from the 1976 season and several new images in the P34 Picture Archive, the Driver Profiles are coming soon ( I promise)

Cheers - Jay


1976 Gallery On-Line

Written by Jay Walker on Wednesday, 29 January 2003 00:00. Posted in P34 News

1976seasonI've been real busy the last few weeks so site updates have been a little on the slow side, however, I've finally got the 1976 season review picture gallery on-line. Like the 77 gallery, these are a few select grabs from the fantastic 1976 season review which was aired by Motors TV last year (and repeated last week), I hope you enjoy them. There are one or two new pictures in the archive gallery too.

I'm still working on the driver profiles which is taking a little longer than expected, I think the next site update will be some more onboard P34 video footage, I've almost got the avi's finished, I should have them up in a week or so.

Cheers - Jay


Obituary - Barry Foley 1936-2003

Written by Jay Walker on Monday, 20 January 2003 00:00. Posted in P34 News

lotusgoodwood2002It is with deep regret that we must record the death of Barry Foley. Many of you may have been of been familiar with his work in the guise of the "Catchpole" strip cartoon that appeared in the Autosport magazine for some 679 issues.

A gifted graphic artist Barry was also responsible for two of the seminal F1 liveries of all time. Namely the John Player Lotus and the Citibank Tyrrell P34 six wheeler, both of which became instant public and media icons. Indeed the Lotus is possibly amongst the most widely recognized images of the sport.

To Barry's family and friends we offer our most sincere wishes.


1500+ HIts !!!! - THANK YOU

Written by Jay Walker on Thursday, 16 January 2003 00:00. Posted in P34 News

p34jan16Wow, I wasn't sure what sort of response this site was going to get, but I guess the fact that the hit counter has gone loopy in the last few weeks says it all, A BIG THANK YOU to all those people who have visited, and a special thank you to all those who have sent me emails, sorry I haven't been able to respond to all of them in person, I've really enjoyed reading them all.

I never knew there were so many Tyrrell fans in so many countries. I will be implementing some of the suggestions in the next few weeks, I'm working on getting a guest book/message forum up and running ASAP so that everyone can share the retro F1 talk, The Driver profile's are coming along nicely and should be up in a week or so. Cheers - Jay