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New Script Writer Joins P34 Movie Project

Written by Jay Walker on Saturday, 20 March 2004 00:00. Posted in P34 News

tnmikSpring is almost up on us so time for a small news update.

We've been real busy at CM-Media Productions over the last two months working on some other projects so unfortunately there hasn't been much time for me to concentrate on the Project 34 web site and movie projects.

In attempt to keep the ball rolling on this we have taken on a new member who's sole purpose (at the moment) is to project manage the P34 Movie Project and monitor the forum.

His alias in the forum is MikP34 so if you have any questions or suggestions please post them in his direction, Mik will also be responsible for finishing the P34 Movie's script. Don't put off by the beer drinking mug shot, what he doesn't know about F1 isn't worth knowing ( also ex MARCH Engineer ) so he's well suited to the task.

Cheers - Jay


Genuine P34 body Parts

Written by Jay Walker on Friday, 19 March 2004 00:00. Posted in P34 News

Yes its true,

A few weeks ago I received an email from Jonathan Wild who has some genuine P34 body parts that were given to him by Ken Tyrrell himself, take a look at the pictures for a closer look.

Jonathan has expressed an interest in selling the parts but only if the price is right and he felt happy with the new home they would be going to. If anyone is interested please contact Jonathan by posting a message in the new P34 Memorabilia section in the forum.









Happy new Year

Written by Jay Walker on Saturday, 10 January 2004 00:00. Posted in P34 News

Howdy Everyone,

Happy New Year to you all, I know site updates have been a bit lapse for the last few months but its been a busy few months for me. I've got a few new pages under construction which i hope to have on-line by the end of the month.

In the meantime check out this link that John ( one of our regular visitors ) sent me. 

The guy who run's this site really knows his 3D. Here you will find some amazing 3D renders of our favourite six wheeled wonder along with renders of the Williams & the March Six Wheelers and many very famous and historically important F1 & Le-Mans Cars.

Cheers - Jay







Major Site Update

Written by Jay Walker on Sunday, 05 October 2003 01:00. Posted in P34 News

theglen7677Its been a while since the last update so this is a big one.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all of the emails, pictures and documents that I have received over the last six months. I genuinely enjoy reading them all and do my best to answer as many as I can. Without them this site would have run out of steam a long time ago but now I believe that it is the most concise site available covering this amazing car and the men who made it become a reality.

On to the new updates then . . .

1. Marius Matthee from South Africa has compiled a list of short summires that detail all of Patrick's races in the P34, you can access it via the drivers page.

2. Rob Ryder sent me four unusual pictures of the P34 on display at the 1976 International Trophy meeting at Silverstone, they show the car with the large ('tea-pot'-style) air intake. Access via the Gallery

3. Thomas E. Samuel sent me copies of the official 1976 & 1977 Offical Watkins Glen Grand Prix Programs. These are a real must for all P34 & Depillar fans, each one has a great colour cover (worth printing off and framing) along with articles on the P34 and its drivers. I've created a gallery of pictures from them to view on-line but recommend you download the pdf's for the articles and high-res pictures, access via the Gallery.

4. Several small improvements to the site including a new page Aboutthe site and a Links page

Thanks for visiting .. Jay


Patrick Depailler - Remembered

Written by Jay Walker on Tuesday, 01 July 2003 01:00. Posted in P34 News

patrickIt was 23 years ago to-the-day that we lost Patrick Depailler in an horrific accident at Hockenheim in 1980.

Patrick was driving for the Alfa Romeo team in their cumbersome 179 V12. The team were at Hockenheim testing for the upcoming race. At the second part of the Ostkurve, where it tightens, Patrick's car left the road at 165mph there was no chance of survival and almost no way of knowing the cause but most suspected is tyre or suspension failure.

In memory of Patrick I have posted a new picture gallery celebrating his racing career. A big thank you goes out to Stefan Schmidt in Austria who supplied me with most of the images.